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Managing relationships in a more efficient manner with a single customer view



The ability to have a single customer view of all the relevant customer and prospect information held in separate databases throughout an organization can help each department do a better job of selling or servicing individual customers and prospects. Unfortunately, many organizations have difficulty obtaining a single customer view because information may be entered in a variety of ways, making it hard to match up records for the same customers and prospects.

When you consider that organizations have multiple internal databases, maintained by separate departments such as accounting, sales, and customer service, the number and possible variation of entries is further multiplied. And external databases used by internal data systems, makes the job of developing a single customer view even more complex.


The SingleVision Cluster Match is the process that builds a single customer view. First, the Cluster Match is able to help you identify all of the related records in the multiple systems that are part of the same organization. Then, the Cluster Match links all the records from the same customers and prospects and places a Common ID on each of these same organization's records.


Using the Common ID across the multiple data sources within your organization, you can group records from the same customer. This enables you to have, within a Single Customer View, all the relevant information about a customer or prospect from all internal and external databases - even when not working in SingleVision - by using SingleVision's RecordViewer function.


In addition, the SingleVision Cluster Match Process is able to differentiate the records that are part of the same organization at different locations. Getting this more complete single customer view allows you to determine appropriate targets for cross-selling, up-selling, and major account status.