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When creating a matching algorithm for company and contact records, full corporate linking requires business rules that go beyond traditional matching on data facts. For example, the client may want to link all Sam's Club records with WalMart. Often there will be no similar data found in the fields that are typically used to bring records together: phone number, address, e-mail domain, company name. Here the business rules must include an intelligence that links these specific companies together. Maintenance of such business rules must be manual as mergers and acquisitions happen real-time.


At BDS, we maintain a proprietary list of business rules dealing with this type of corporate linkage, called BDSCorp. These rules may be adjusted per client, so, for example, Client A may want Sam's Club and WalMart brought together in their system, while Client B may want them separate. All of this is configurable, and BDS keeps the rules up-to-date based on current events in the business world as well as insight gained from client data.


With BDS's multiple level matching, BDSCorp helps give a fuller picture of the corporate linking among the client records. For example, Level 1 may be same location. This way, Sam's Club at 123 Main St. would be a separate Level 1 match from Sam's Club at 456 Highway 5. At Level 2 we could bring together all the Sam's Club locations: 123 Main St. and 456 Highway 5 would be the same Level 2, but Sam's Club would be separate from WalMart. At Level 3 we could bring together all the Sam's Club and WalMart records. This complete context allows for helpful analysis from a variety of perspectives.


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