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Counting Customers and Prospects

Knowing how many there are is as important as knowing who they are



For some organizations, accurately counting the total number of customers and prospects can be difficult. Duplicate entries for the same company, and separate entries in multiple databases within the organization can over inflate the real number of customers and prospects your employees have to work with. What’s more, external data from unrelated sources may have also introduced duplicate entries for the same companies.


The BDS SingleVision Cluster Matching Process helps you identify all the records that are related to each individual customer and prospect company. A Common ID is placed on all records relating to a single company that is held across all databases in your organization. Once you have a Common ID that indicates a grouping of records are part of the same organization, you can now accurately count that grouping of records as either one customer or one prospect. This accurate counting of customers and prospects can help you prepare more accurate Market Penetration Reports, Territory Alignments, and other reports that are critical to your organizations ability to make better, more informed decisions.




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