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Building A New Database

Avoiding the import of duplicate and overlapping data when combining files



Setting up a brand new database system can be a challenge for any organization, especially when the data from a variety of existing internal and external files is being used as the original source material. Records from these files may overlap. For example, a company may have had a previous merger. The two prior independent organizations each have their own systems for the same departmental functions. If the merger companies competed in the same markets, then there will most likely be an overlap of customers and prospects in these legacy systems. Overlapping files can also be caused by multiple manual entries into different systems about the same organization, or purchasing external files that contain data about the records already in the internal systems.


The BDS SingleVision Cluster Matching Process can help you:

  • Identify all the records that are related to the same organization from the files that are being used to build the new database.

  • Eliminate duplicate records before populating the new database.

  • Prevent unnecessary records from being transferred to the new database.

From this identification process, you can now populate the new database with only the desired records. All the related data will appear within a single record. And depending on the data and the new database, you may be able to organize the data so that one record is considered the primary record and the other records associated with the primary record give some indication of their hierarchy and relationships.



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