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Net New Prospects

Using third-party marketing data to identify potential new customers



There are several database management issues that need to be addressed when using external data. First, an organization wants to import only those external marketing records that do not already exist in their sales and marketing database. Second, an external marketing file may have more than one record for the same company for a variety of reasons. However, from the marketing organization’s perspective, the multiple company records represent only one opportunity.


If these issues are not addressed prior to importing the external file, there will be duplicate records in the database, causing the extra expense of redundant phone calls, letters, and emails. Further, these unnecessary communications may also annoy customers and prospects.


BDS SingleVision matches internal and external files to prevent overlap and duplications


With SingleVision, you can match your sales and marketing database (or any other database) against an external file. Once you have identified the overlap between your internal database and the external file, you can eliminate duplicates and other extraneous records. The remaining records are net new prospects that can be imported into your internal database. You can also organize the external file by identifying and linking all of the records from the same company together with the SingleVision Common ID. Then, if any information exists on an external record that does not appear on an existing internal company record, the added data can be transferred to the existing record internal without creating a complete new duplicate record for the same company.