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Reorganizing A Database

Maintaining clean data within each separate data source


Even a single database can present management challenges. Data gets entered into a database by multiple people and in many different ways. It is often difficult to determine which records and what information within the database are related to the same company, thereby making it difficult to get a complete understanding of the existing relationship with a customer or prospect. External data imported into a database also adds greater complexity, in addition to the possibility of introducing duplicate records.


The SingleVision Cluster Matching Process helps you to identify all the records related to a single company. Once identified, SingleVision links all of the same company’s records together by placing a Common ID on each record held in any database within your organization. Now, you are in position to either build a new database or re-organize an existing database so that these same organization records can be linked together throughout your system.


BDS SingleVision also gives you the ability to:


  • Identify one record for a single company as the Primary Record and other related records as being associated with the Primary.

  • Differentiate between those records that are related to a single company at a single location, and those records that are related to a single company at multiple locations.

  • Represent other relationships and hierarchies as necessary.


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