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Querying Multiple Databases

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When critical information about customers or prospects is spread out over multiple data sources within the same organization, it can often be difficult to gain a complete understanding of their needs. Useful information contained in an accounting, sales, customer service, or marketing file may not be readily accessible to other departments.


Without the ability to query the data elements across multiple internal and external data sources, costly errors and misunderstandings could occur when dealing with customers or prospects. However, unless there is a common identifier linking data items to a single customer, no reporting tool, no matter how powerful, will be able to gather all the pertinent business intelligence in an organization's files.


BDS SingleVision integrates separate databases into a single searchable universe


SingleVision's Cluster Matching Process helps you identify all the records that are related to the same customer or prospect from your multiple separate data sources. Once a grouping of records from the same company is identified and linked by a Common ID, you are always able to query the various elements across these multiple data sources in order to develop an accurate, fully informed analysis.


SingleVision's SQL Central Repository gives you the ability to:

  • Analyze elements from multiple databases using our built-in query functionality.

  • Prepare reports using Crystal Reports or other reporting and business intelligence tools.

  • Use any of the SQL business intelligence tools.

  • Export linked data to MS Access or MS Excel for analysis.



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